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pumpkin soup recipe

Ironbark pumpkin soup

An easy pumpkin soup - perfect for autumn

Preparation20 Mins
Cooking Time20 Mins

Pumpkin soup is very easy to prepare, and it has so much richness and flavour. The fibre, potassium and vitamin C mean that pumpkin is actually very good for the heart, too. The success of this dish depends very much on the variety of the pumpkin. The best I have found is ‘Potiron Muscade’, which is quite large, relatively flat, with dark brown skin and very pronounced curves. You could replace the pumpkin with butternut squash if you prefer, and I would suggest serving the soup with a generous serving of crème fraîche. This easy soup can be prepared one day in advance.

Ingredients Required

For the soup

Ripe pumpkin flesh, outer skin removed & diced 2cm
1 small
Onion, chopped finely
2 tbsp
Butter, unsalted
8 pinches
Sea salt
1 pinch
White pepper, freshly ground
Milk, whole, organic

Cooking Method

Chef tips

A couple of tablespoons of Kirsch (cherry alcohol) boiled for two seconds is a classic addition. Some grilled croutons topped with gruyere cheese would be a delicious accompaniment. Toasted pumpkin seeds or hazelnuts can also be added to the dish. Finely chopped chives would add a little colour and texture.


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