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caramelised apples

Baked apple with caramel sauce

A truly indulgent dessert.

Preparation15 Mins
Cooking Time35 Mins

To make this recipe, you need the right kind of apple; not just full in flavour, but it also needs a good texture; otherwise, it might just collapse on baking. My personal favourite for this is the Reine de Reinettes. It’s French (of course!) but has been widely grown in Britain since Victorian times. However, you probably won’t find it in a supermarket, so Cox’s Orange Pippin, Adams Pearmain, Annie Elizabeth, D’Arcy Spice, Discovery and Golden Nobel are all good substitutes here. But, whatever you do, please do not use imported Pink Lady apples.

Ingredients Required

For the baked apples

4 large
apples, such as Reine de Reinette, Cox’s Orange Pippin or Discovery
unsalted butter, melted
caster sugar

For the caramel sauce

1 tbsp
caster sugar
apple juice
½ tsp
arrowroot, mixed with a little cold water
1 tbsp
Calvados or cider (optional)

For the garnish (optional)

pistachio nuts
almond flakes
bread, diced
icing sugar

Cooking Method

Chef tips

"This dish is delicious on its own, or with custard or ice cream."

"The power of a fan-assisted oven can be too much for baked apples, causing the skins to split. If possible, switch the fan off and allow the heat to penetrate the apples slowly."


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This recipe is adapted from the book Kitchen Secrets

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