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Fruit Scones

My favourite treat on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Preparation45 Mins
Cooking Time9 Mins

The scone was a very pleasant surprise for me when I first came to Great Britain. Soon I began to create my own recipe for this patisserie, and am extremely proud of the scones at Le Manoir. Yet the intense debate rages: do you put the cream on top of the jam, or the jam on top of the cream? Adam Johnson, my colleague, protégé and friend, can solve the mystery. He tells me that the Cornish always use strawberry jam as it is thick enough to spread onto the scone, and they top it with Cornish clotted cream as it is quite soft and sometimes runny, making it perfect to go on top of the jam. ‘Plus,’ says Adam, ‘you can get a lot more cream on your scone that way.’ Meanwhile Devon cream is quite firm and thick, more like butter. So it’s best when spread on the scone first. Which is why Devonians always top their scone with runny raspberry jam. Makes sense now!

Ingredients Required

For the dough

Plain Flour
Baking powder
1 Pinch
Sea salt
Unsalted butter, cold and cut into 1cm cubes
Caster sugar
Golden sultanas
Eggs, medium, whisked
Eggs, beaten for the egg wash

Cooking Method


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