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Low-sugar Strawberry Jam

Less sweet than most jams, so the fruit flavour is intense

Preparation10 Mins
Cooking Time25 Mins

I have such wonderful childhood memories of the strawberry season when my mum would make jam. The house was filled with the deeply comforting aromas of intense, syrupy, well-ripened strawberries. Feeding five children meant that Maman’s jam-making was a small cottage industry – she’d make about 10 litres at a time! (The quantity in this recipe is far less challenging.) She’d skim the froth from the top, and that’s the part my siblings and I would get to eat first. What a gorgeous treat! Often jams are too sweet, which disturbs me. Though my pâtissiers didn’t approve, many years ago I waged war on sugar and especially the quantities we were using in my kitchen. I won! So now my pâtissiers are happy to make a low-sugar jam that’s more colourful and certainly less sweet than others, which means that the fruit flavour triumphs.

Ingredients Required

For the jam

Strawberries (Buddy, Gariguette or Mara des Bois), chopped
Caster sugar
Pectin, fruit or jam pectin is best
4 Tbsp
3 Tsp
Lemon Juice

To seal the jars

Kirsch liqueur

Cooking Method


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