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sage and onion stuffing recipe

Sage and onion stuffing

The classic Christmas stuffing

Preparation5 Mins
Cooking Time20 Mins

It is so easy to make a sage and onion stuffing - no need at all to resort to packets! The original purpose of stuffing was to keep the meat moist while also adding flavour to the bird. Nowadays, I prefer to cook my stuffing separately and serve it in ramekins or a terrine mould so it becomes more crunchy. This recipe is quick, delicious to make, and meat-free. Once you have mastered this you can simply add whatever flavours you wish - perhaps chopped nuts, dried fruits, and chopped fresh herbs. If you would like to use gluten-free bread, you may not need all of the eggs as the bread will absorb the moisture differently.

Ingredients Required


Onion, chopped
Butter, unsalted
1 clove
Garlic, finely-chopped
Bay leaf
1 sprig
Thyme leaves, chopped
Brown bread
Sage leaves
Parsley leaves
3 pinches
Sea salt
3 pinches
Freshly-ground black pepper
Eggs, whole, medium, organic or free range
Egg yolk, medium, organic or free range

Cooking Method


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