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Roast potatoes recipe

Roast Potatoes

Crispy, fluffy and delicious

Preparation10 Mins
Cooking Time45 Mins

Everyone has their own little tips and techniques for making the perfect roast potatoes, but my favourite is one that my British friends have been doing for years. Believe me, it will give you a crispy outside and a fluffy centre every time.

Ingredients Required


2 litres
Water, hot
Potatoes, King Edward, Maris Piper or Lincolnshire, peeled, cut in to 4-6 even pieces, depending on the size
Goose fat or vegetable oil
2 pinches
Salt and pepper
2 sprig
1 sprig
½ bulb
Garlic, skin on

Cooking Method

Chef tips

"By boiling the potatoes prior to roasting, you ensure that you only cook the outside surface, allowing them to be fluffed up. The easiest way to check that they have been boiled enough is to push the tip of a sharp knife into them - the tip should only go in 5mm."

"By ruffling the potatoes, you break up the outside surface, creating hundreds of little ridges that will crisp up when placed in the hot fat."

"It is essential that you pre-heat the fat in the oven as this will allow the potatoes to instantly start crisping the outside, giving you a wonderful crust to the potatoes and a rich golden colour. "


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