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Roast duck

A twist on a great roast

Preparation5 Mins
Cooking Time40 Mins

A whole roast duck is a thing of beauty…..until you carve into it and realise the thigh meat is beautifully tender and melting, but the breast meat is completely overcooked.

For me, I feel you need to find that perfect compromise, so I have created this little recipe to keep as much moisture in the breast meat but still cooking the thigh meat long enough.

Bon appétit.

Ingredients Required


1 (2kg)
Duck, skin scored, wishbone removed (*1)
2 pinches
Salt & Pepper
Oranges, cut into wedges
Seville orange marmalade
1 tbsp

Cooking Method

Chef tips

*1 A tip to ensure the thighs cook a little quicker, score the thigh meat from the inside of the carcass.
This will allow the heat to penetrate and speed up the cooking process.

*2 Here, we are searing the duck in a dry pan as you want to render the fat from the skin to get it as crispy as possible.

*3 Save the excess duck fat for the next time you are cooking roast potatoes.
It will keep for a long time in a sealed container in the fridge.


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