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Pain de campagne (country bread)

Rustic "country bread"

Preparation30 Mins
Cooking Time25 Mins

Pain de campagne means “country bread” in French; it’s our rustic equivalent of a sourdough. Now, of course, you can buy bread at your local bakery, or you can throw some ingredients in a bread maker and hope for the best, but this beautiful loaf is so simple to make, and it’s the real thing. The slow proving process gives it a depth of flavour that develops naturally, rather than as the result of the flour improvers or rising agents that supermarkets use. Plus, making your own bread is a very satisfying experience – especially if you’ve had a tough day and want to take it out on the dough by kneading it with your own hands! I hope this simple recipe will introduce you to the wonderful alchemy of yeast and flour and start you on a journey to a world of delicious homemade breads.

Ingredients Required

For the dough starter/leaven

strong plain white organic bread flour
dark rye flour
fresh yeast, crumbled
cold water

For the campagne dough

strong plain white organic bread flour
dark rye flour
sea salt
fresh yeast, crumbled
cold water

Cooking Method

Chef tips

"The choice of flour is important; I recommend Shipton Mill flour. Depending on the time it has been stored, the variety and its nutritional composition, the flour will absorb more or less water when making the dough. Bread requires a ‘strong flour’ with a high protein (gluten) content. It provides better elasticity to the dough and gives the loaf a better texture. I also add rye flour to this recipe for flavour."


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This recipe is adapted from the book Kitchen Secrets

Raymond’s love of delicious food is lifelong. Years of experience have given him a rich store of knowledge and the skill to create fantastic dishes that work time after time. With a range of achievable and inspirational recipes for cooks of all abilities - and useful tips throughout - this book brings Gallic passion and precision into the home kitchen.

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