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Chicken with morels and leeks

Chicken with morels and sherry wine sauce

A classic of French cuisine from my own region

Preparation10 Mins
Cooking Time20 Mins

Morels are fungi with a honeycomb structure and a creamy white stem. Wild morels can be found all over the British isles, but this recipe actually originates from the area of France where I grew up. I think morels are the best mushrooms in the world and, thankfully, finding them in supermarkets isn’t so hard anymore because of dried morels. I actually prefer the dried ones to fresh ones because their flavour is much stronger. The traditional Jura wine is the best option for this recipe but, if you can’t get that, a good dry sherry works very well too.

Ingredients Required

For the morels

dried morels, soaked in 250ml water for at least 2 hours
organic/free-range chicken breasts (180g each), skinned
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
unsalted butter
firm button mushrooms, washed quickly, patted dry and quartered
dry sherry or Jura wine
double cream

For the leeks

2 medium
leeks, trimmed, cut into 2cm pieces and washed
boiling water
1 pinch
sea salt
unsalted butter

Cooking Method

Chef tips

"Dried morels are highly prized by the gourmet. Conical-shaped, with a distinctive honeycomb structure, they hold sand and grit, so need to be washed a few times in freshwater to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned."

"The dried morels need to be soaked for at least a couple of hours."

"You can prepare the chicken half an hour in advance and warm it through in the morel sauce to serve."


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This recipe is adapted from the book Kitchen Secrets

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