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Live Virtual Event with Raymond Blanc

22 July 2020 4pm BST

On Wednesday the 22nd of July 2020 at 4pm BST, Chef Raymond Blanc will be speaking live from Oxfordshire about his fondest food memories, his illustrious career, and the sustainable food movement he is so passionate about.

Register for the free online event here

Chef Raymond Blanc is on a mission to drive change, and he is doing just that through his role as the President of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, a position he has held since 2012. The not-for-profit membership organisation, based in the United Kingdom, aids food-service businesses to work towards sustainability in their sector and guides customers towards more sustainable choices. There are more than 10,000 restaurants and food establishments taking part in the organisation’s initiatives, and it continues to grow.

It is clear that Blanc hopes to educate the industry and people at home on how they can be more conscious about food choices and where our food comes from. He talks about environmental responsibility, stating that: “We need to listen to people like David Attenborough whose message is very clear. He has spent his whole life amongst nature and the earth and is watching its gradual degradation. He is not a political animal, but he is a moralist so when he tells us we have to change, we have to listen.”

Blanc speaks about Attenborough with profound respect, and clearly holds him in high regard when it comes to the changes that we need to make to care for our planet. Blanc himself, is a father figure on the gastronomy scene, having trained 38 Michelin star chefs including Michael Caines MBE, Marco Pierre White, Ollie Dabbous and Bruno Loubet. 

Blanc came from a working-class background in France and his approach to growing his own food started from a young age, spending much of his childhood in the family garden. This is something that Blanc continues to encourage as he talks about the pleasure of growing your own food, and all the learning that comes with it. 

Blanc truly believes the face of luxury is changing and becoming more responsible with a ‘close to home’ and a more conscious approach to consumption, and helping local communities in the process.  

The virtual event is sponsored by Zoom and organised by Satopia Travel. 

Register here

This event is part of the Dare to Dream series of virtual experiences organised by Satopia Travel. Join Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Marco Pierre White, Raymond Blanc and Francis Mallmann as they discuss the future of gastronomy in these free and open to the public virtual events. 

The event will be hosted by Harry Mckinley, a consultant, journalist and events curator, specialising in hospitality, design and travel. 

For enquiries contact Clarissa Spada:


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