Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk & Mango

Sticky rice is to Thailand what rice pudding is to Britain. In its simplicity, it is a wonderful new taste and texture that I discovered in South-East Asia. White and black glutinous rice is specific to this part of Asia where it's called sticky rice because of its high starch content. The coconut milk adds flavour and creaminess. It can be eaten hot or cold – if cold, add a bit more coconut milk to the rice. A great classic association; the sweet glutinous rice with the mango. If you can find an Alphonso mango then it is perfection.

Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk & Mango

Ingredients Required

To soak the both the black and white Glutinous rice(*1):
80g Black glutinous rice
500g Cold water
80g White glutinous rice
500g Cold water
To cook the black and white Glutinous rice:
120g Coconut milk
25g Sugar
To finish the dish:
50g Palm Sugar, Grated
1 Juice of one Lime
For the Mango garnish:
2 Ripe Mangoes

Cooking Method

Preparing the Rice 

  1. Place each rice in their cold water and leave to soak overnight seperately (*2).
  2. Once soaked, drain the rice. Place the black rice in a steamer over rapidly boiling water and steam for 25 minutes until tender. After 10 minutes add the white rice. Taste and cook a little further if not completely cooked(*3).
  3. Place the rice in another pan with the coconut(*4) milk and sugar. Stir and reserve.

Preparing the Mango

  1. Peel the mangoes and cut them into halves on either side of the stone.
  2. Place the half mango (flat side down) on a chopping board and chop into 5mm slices, lengthways or widthways. Or simply leave the skin on the Mango halves, score the flesh in a criss cross pattern, making sure not to cut through the skin, and turn inside out to create a "Mango hedgehog.”

To serve

Mix the grated palm sugar and lime juice through the rice. Spoon the rice in to individual bowls and serve alongside the prepared mango.