Brasserie Blanc - Roasted Gilthead Seabream with spices and fennel

Raymond Blanc with Clive Fretwell, Brasserie Blanc Executive Chef Director make their best ever roasted whole gilthead seabream with oriental spices & fennel! 


Ingredients Required

For the fennel
40g Banana shallots, peeled and finely chopped
1 Clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
20ml Olive oil
2 Large fennel bulbs
1 Star anise
1 Large piece of orange zest
1 Whole cardamom pod
500ml Water
1 tsp Sea salt
1 pinch Ground white pepper
1 pinch Fennel seeds
For the seabream
4 Braised fennel slices
1 Lemon un-waxed, cut into segments
20ml Olive oil
1 Whole cinnamon stick
12 Whole cardamom pods
4 Whole star anise
4 Whole sprigs of rosemary
8 Sprigs of thyme
160ml Additional olive oil
2 Whole seabream (400-600g)

Cooking Method

For the fennel 

1. Trim off the very tops of the fennel, do not cut the base.
2. Cut each bulb into two slices, keeping the root intact.
3. Sweat the shallots and garlic in the olive oil for 4 minutes. Don’t let it colour.
4. Add all the remaining ingredients.
5. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat.
6. Cover with greaseproof paper and simmer gently for 30 minutes until cooked.

For the seabream

1. Sear the braised fennel in a non-stick frying pan with 20 ml of olive oil, until golden on both sides.
2. Place the seared fennel and slices into an ovenproof dish, making a trivet for the fish.
3. Sit the whole seabream onto the aromatics.
4. Place a lemon segment into the belly cavity.
5. Pour the remaining olive oil over the fish.
6. Season with a pinch of salt.
7. Roast in an oven pre-heated to 250*C for 16 minutes.
8. Remove from the oven and cut the fillets from the seabream.
9. Place fillets onto a clean plate along with a slice of fennel.
10. Spoon the oil and cooking juices over.
11. Serve with boiled new potatoes, buttered carrots and a wedge of lemon.


Recipe © Raymond Blanc 2015.

Recipe courtesy of Brasserie Blanc.