Asparagus with Lemon Sabayon

At Le Manoir we always follow seasonality using British asparagus which is at its best in May. The lemon sabayon is from a technique I developed many years ago, which yields 3 times more than a classic hollandaise and 5 times less fat.

Asparagus with Lemon Sabayon

Ingredients Required

For the dressing:
1kg English asparagus, medium thickness, woody stalks removed.
3 Egg yolks, (organic or free range)
4 tbsp Cold water
50g Unsalted butter, melted, hot
1 pinch Sea salt
1 pinch Cayenne pepper
10ml Lemon, juiced

Cooking Method

  1. In a large bowl whisk the egg yolks and water (*1). The mixture will expand to 4 or 5 times the original quantity. Place the bowl over a pan of boiling water and continue to whisk until it becomes thicker(*2).
  2. When the eggs are at a mayonnaise consistency remove from the heat and continue to slowly whisk in the butter followed by the rest of the seasonings.
  3. Pass through a muslin cloth and reserve in a serving jug or bowl.
  4. Trim the asparagus and cook in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, drain and arrange on the plate.

To serve

Serve the asparagus with the lemon sabayon.