Inspired by tradition, four top chefs have each revealed a ‘forgotten food’ they’re set to champion at this year’s newly rebranded Taste of London Winter 2014, 20-23 November, Tobacco Dock. The chefs will be celebrating the diversity of lesser known ingredients, using them to excite the nation’s pallet.

From old childhood favourites to ingredients that have fallen out of favour, this year’s stellar line-up of chefs have been inspired by generations past to revive forgotten foods such as Pascal Aussignac’s wild squirrel, Monica Galetti’s cuttlefish, Raymond Blanc’s rare-breed beetroots and Theo Randall’s unusual delicata squash.

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Taste of London Winter is encouraging the nation to bring forgotten cuts of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and spices back to modern kitchens. Visitors to Taste will have the opportunity to see chefs in action, creating their Forgotten Food dishes, and sample their menus.

Pascal Aussignac says of using squirrel ‘it’s an unused and freely available product – which is sourced sustainably.  The texture and flavour of the meat is very similar to wild rabbit which provides an interesting angle to play with when creating a dish.’

‘For Taste of London Winter, I am championing lost heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables as my Forgotten Food’, says Raymond Blanc. ‘This is an issue very dear to my heart and one I have championed my entire professional career. As consumers we have sadly lost sight of the heritage varieties grown right here in Great Britain. This is a true pity as there is so much fantastic produce grown on our doorstep. It is time to embrace it.’

Monica Galetti has looked to the sea for the dish she’d most like to bring back. ‘Some people find the appearance of cuttlefish off-putting, but I think this lesser eaten fish is really exciting and versatile. It’s similar to squid or octopus and should either be cooked quickly on a high heat or very low and slow until it’s tender.’

Theo Randall believes that ‘squash is such a versatile, seasonal ingredient which is often neglected. Delicata squash are an unusual variety and are fantastic for making vegetables the star of the show. At the restaurant, we roast them in the wood oven and serve with grouse, which works incredibly well, or use them in pasta dishes.’

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