The Launch of the Kenwood Chef Sense

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On Thursday 28th August, the time had come for us to exclusively launch the Kenwood CHEF Sense at John Lewis, Oxford Street - the ultimate kitchen machine for passionate novices and seasoned chefs alike. I mustn’t continue without mentioning that this is also a very important year for our friends at John Lewis… celebrating their 150th year! Happy birthday John Lewis, you are nearly as old as me!

My development chefs and I arrived in good time, with two cooking demonstrations taking place in the same afternoon. I was looking forward to preparing two of my signature dishes for the crowds – my beloved Comté Cheese Soufflé, and my smooth and indulgent Reverse Chocolate Crumble – both made using the wonderful new Kenwood CHEF Sense.

Oh how I love these two dishes! The soufflé is a true taste of my home and region. The beautiful aroma of Comté cheese… bringing back memories of Maman Blanc cooking the soufflé in a large earthenware dish and then placing it in the middle of the table for us kids to help ourselves. And, for the dessert, you may be pleased to know that I have learnt the art of the crumble from my British friends! Now, you might be asking why my crumble is called the ‘Reverse’ Chocolate Crumble? It’s because I place the crumble under, rather than over the filling. This gives a fantastic texture and is also extremely simple to prepare. From France’s Comté cheese to England’s crumble, we certainly covered all bases!

As guests arrived, I could sense the anticipation in the air. Kenwood has nearly 60 years of heritage to draw upon and our guests came armed with questions and a hunger to learn more. Of course they also wanted to taste my creations and quiz me about the best cooking techniques when using this machine.

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I have to say a special thank you to my little helper, Saskia. A brave young lady of eleven years, who came up to help me make the base for my crumble. Oh yes, and also not forgetting the two ladies who waited patiently for me to start my first demonstration, but then also stayed on to watch the second one! I think they wanted a second helping of chocolate crumble! It was my pleasure.

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I’ve used Kenwood machines for many years now in The Raymond Blanc Cookery School as well as in my restaurant kitchens, but I must say the brand has really excelled itself this time. Durable, reliable and stylish. Innovation that makes a real difference in the kitchen – tackling recipe challenges with ease. That is just what a professional chef or amateur cook needs.

The day was a brilliant success. Thank you to Kenwood and John Lewis for your support. I hope to see you all at the next one!

Best RB x


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