Raymond Blanc launches a new range of premium seafood meals available exclusively at Ocado

Smoked HaddockRisottoSeafood Pie

Raymond commented: "It was important to me not to compromise when launching the first range of Raymond Blanc products. I want to drive the role of sustainability, authencity, provenance and delicious tasting dishes; Ocado shares the same values, so were the perfect partner to launch with. I needed to ensure the ingredient building blocks were in place to compile this range." 


The range uses ingredients such as roasted langoustine stock, responsibility sourced Scottish lightly Smoked Haddock (from the oldest smoke house in Scotland), responsibly sourced Scottish Salmon, butter enriched pastry – the list goes on as you would expect from someone who has been pivotal to the culinary horizon for many years.

Jonathan Willows (Head of Retail Sales and Development at Coldwater), commenting on this new venture, said that Raymond has been incredibly involved every step of the way from product to pack design.

The dishes will be available exclusively at Ocado for three months from 28 May and then at selected retail partners.

To buy the products online from Ocado, click here